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Shannon Loy believes that every business has a unique story to tell. That’s why she started The Social Ginger, a social media marketing company in Richmond, VA—to use her passion and expertise to help businesses define those stories and find the most effective social media channels to communicate their “why” to the world. 

What sets the dynamic owner of The Social Ginger apart from many other consultants in this field is her big picture perspective. Recognizing that social media is just one element of her clients’ overall marketing strategy, Shannon and her team assess a company’s entire marketing strategy—from its website to its email campaigns. They then use customized social media tactics to augment that marketing plan, rather than function independently, and help businesses build relationships that lead to sales. Thanks to Shannon's energy and playful style, she's able to turn social media from a chore to a fun challenge for her clients. 

Shannon’s own compelling story starts with a background in sales, marketing, PR and music. Building the community’s awareness of The Tin Pan, a brand-new live music venue in Richmond, from the ground up, the marketing guru started her social media initiative the day the venue opened its doors in 2015 and she continues to promote The Tin Pan now that it’s a cornerstone of the Richmond music scene. It’s a unique opportunity for Shannon, who has been a musician all her life and currently plays tenor saxophone with the Richmond Pops Band, to use her social media skills to support the local music community.

Shannon regularly conducts social media training sessions for individuals, nonprofits and businesses and is a frequent speaker at business conferences, workshops and meetings. Invested in the Richmond community, she serves on the communications committee of ART 180, a nonprofit dedicated to introducing art to young people living in challenging circumstances, and joined RMA in 2018.
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